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6. Data Visualization and Communication

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Explain the role of data visualization in discovery, communication, and decision-making knowledge 3 Generalist 4a, Machine Learning 3a
b Explain key tools and technologies for creating visualizations knowledge 2
c Evaluate data visualization options for proper application in various situations ability 4 Generalist 4b, Machine Learning 3b
d Visualize data using various types of displays including tables, dashboards, graphs, maps, and trees skill 3 Generalist 4d, Machine Learning 3d
e Create effective static and interactive data visualizations or storytelling that employ analytics and visualization software and strategies for various audiences skill 3 Generalist 4c, Machine Learning 3c
f Properly define a problem in context, use appropriate data, and deliver a compelling visualization to explain or answer a question ability 3 Generalist 4h, Machine Learning 3h
g Visualize data ensuring ADA/508 compliance for accessibility ability 3