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2. Data Storage, Operations, and Administration

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Identify and understand key terms and definitions, methods, best practices, operational and maintenance, and both conceptual and technical architectures for data storage, operations, and administration. knowledge 1
b Understand data storage mechanisms and their impact on data analytics processing knowledge 2
c Explain the pros and cons of on-premises vs cloud-based analytics solutions knowledge 2 Networking 1f
d Describe the implications of data architecture on data processing knowledge 2 Data Management 1n
e Explain the different data organizational schemas (e.g., 1st normal form vs. 3rd normal form vs. Star Schema, etc.) and how they relate to database management systems knowledge 2
f Explain the differences between batch analytics and streaming analytics, where each would be applied, and the constraints of each knowledge 3
g Properly use and develop a data dictionary for publicly shared data skill 3
h Skill: specifically in SQL, R, or another common language skill 3