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4. Application of Machine Learning Models & Algorithms

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Explain evaluation metrics for machine learning algorithms (e.g., accuracy, precision/recall, ROC curves, R^2) knowledge 2
b Describe approaches to test for bias in data knowledge 2
c Explain key troubleshooting techniques for machine learning algorithms (e.g., evaluate biasvariance tradeoff, use cross-validation) knowledge 2
d Explain sampling methods with respect to different applications, i.e. error estimates, surveys, A/B-testing knowledge 2
e Train a machine learning model and use it to make predictions skill 3
f Perform data manipulation using appropriate tools and software skill 3 Generalist 3a, Data Analytics 4c
g Provide rationale for selecting the appropriate sampling methodology skill 3 Data Analytics 5j