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4. Development Methods

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Trace the execution of a variety of code segments and write summaries of their computations. knowledge 2
b Explain why the creation of program components with minimal defects is important in the production of high-quality software. knowledge 1
c Describe the factors that influence performance in a production environment (load, resource intensive tasks, dependencies on external interfaces). knowledge 2
d Conduct a personal code review (focused on common coding errors) on a program component using a provided checklist. skill 3
e Contribute to a small-team code review focused on component correctness. skill 3
f Describe how a contract can be used to specify the behavior of a program component. knowledge 2
g Refactor a program by identifying opportunities to apply procedural abstraction. skill 2
h Apply a variety of strategies to the testing and debugging of simple programs. ability 4
i Construct and debug programs using the standard libraries available within a chosen programming language. skill 4
j Analyze the extent to which another programmer’s code meets documentation and programming style standards. skill 4
k Apply consistent documentation and program style standards that contribute to the readability and maintainability of software. skill 3


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