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5. Algorithms and Design

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Discuss the importance of algorithms in the problem-solving process. knowledge 2
b Discuss how a problem may be solved by multiple algorithms, each with different properties. knowledge 2
c Create algorithms for solving simple problems. skill 3
d Use a programming language to implement, test, and debug algorithms for solving simple problems. skill 3
e Implement, test, and debug simple recursive functions and procedures. skill 3
f Determine whether a recursive or iterative solution is most appropriate for a problem. skill 3
g Implement a divide-and-conquer algorithm for solving a problem. skill 3 Cybersecurity 11b
h Apply the techniques of decomposition to break a program into smaller pieces. skill 3
i Implement a coherent abstract data type, with loose coupling between components and behaviors. skill 3 Cybersecurity 11c
j Evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses among multiple designs or implementations for a problem. skill 4


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