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9. Software Verification and Validation

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Distinguish among the different types and levels of testing (unit, integration, systems, and acceptance). knowledge 1
b Describe techniques for identifying significant test cases for integration, regression and system testing. knowledge 2
c Create and document a set of tests for a medium-size code segment. skill 3
d Describe how to create and recognize impactful regression tests and automate them. knowledge 3
e Conduct an inspection or review of software source code for common pitfalls or application of coding standards on a medium sized software project. ability 3
f Understanding of quality assurance processes, tools, and quality assurance team role in development. knowledge 2
g Build robust code using exception handling mechanisms. skill 3
h Describe secure coding and defensive coding practices. knowledge 2
i Rewrite a simple program to remove common vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflows, integer overflows and race conditions. ability 3
j Apply a defined coding standard in a small software project. skill 3
k Adhere to the defined coding standard in the project for new code. skill 2
l Write a software component that performs some non-trivial task and is resilient to common input and run-time errors. ability 5
m Be able to give or receive effective peer code reviews of a single commit or function. skill 3


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