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11. Secure Software

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Choose the appropriate data structure for modeling a given problem. skill 3 Software Development 3f
b Implement a divide-and-conquer algorithm for solving a problem. skill 3 Software Development 5g
c Implement a coherent abstract data type, with loose coupling between components and behaviors. skill 3 Software Development 5i
d Identify common coding errors that lead to insecure programs (e.g., buffer overflows, memory leaks, malicious code). knowledge 3 Software Development 10a
e Apply the principles of least privilege, defensive programming, and fail-safe defaults. ability 3 Software Development 10d
f Write code with logging capabilities. skill 2 Software Development 10f
g Integrate security in all phases of the software development life cycle (SecDevOps). ability 3
h Understand web applicatin issues using OWASP knowledge 2
i Understand basics of securing web apps - SQL Injection and other input validation. knowledge 2 Software Development 10h



  1. Security+
  2. Network+
  3. Cloud+
  4. CEH
  5. GSEC
  6. CAP


  1. CCNA
  2. CYSA+


  1. CASP
  2. CISSP
  3. CISA
  4. CISM
  5. CRISC
  6. CCSP