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2. Fundamental Programming Concepts

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Describe uses of primitive data types. knowledge 1
b Write programs that use primitive data types. skill 3
c Demonstrate fundamental programming skills including the use of variables, loops, conditional branching, and program logic. skill 3 Cybersecurity 3a, Data Management 1m
d Design, implement, test, and debug a program that uses each of the following fundamental programming constructs: basic computation, simple I/O, standard conditional and iterative structures. skill 3 Cybersecurity 3b
e Analyze the behavior of simple programs involving the fundamental programming constructs variables, expressions, assignments, I/O, control constructs, functions, parameter passing, and recursion. knowledge 3
f Design and implement a program that defines functions and passes parameters. skill 3
g Write a program that uses file I/O to provide persistence across multiple executions. skill 2 Cybersecurity 3c
h Choose appropriate conditional and iteration constructs for a given programming task. skill 4
i Identify the base case and the general case of a recursively-defined problem. knowledge 2
j Describe the concept of recursion and give examples of its use. knowledge 1


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