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3. Networking Fundamentals

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Explain DNS traffic. knowledge 2
b Understand OSI model and how it applies to an example. knowledge 2
c Identify the layers of the OSI Model. knowledge 2
d Summarize the responsibilities of each layer of the OSI Model. knowledge 2
e Explain how the OSI Model is applied to Networking. knowledge 3
f Configure IPv4 classful subnets. skill 1
g Compare public IP addresses and Private IP addresses. knowledge 2
h Identify IPv4 address network ID (Class A, Class B, Class C). knowledge 2
i Interpret classless network ID (CIDR block notation). knowledge 2
j Explain domain naming conventions (UNC path, FQDN, host name). knowledge 3
k Compare Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation (NAT vs PAT). knowledge 2
l Draw network diagram. skill 3
m Analyze the output from networking utilities (e.g. Netstat, Tracert, Traceroute, Ping IPConfig, IFConfig). ability 3
n Discuss network software integration (client software (e.g. Windows 10 or Ubuntu) and server software). ability 3
o Discuss network hardware integration (workstations, desktop, mobile devices). knowledge 2
p Communicate best practices for troubleshooting networking issues (layers 1-2 at HS level) (7-step model). knowledge 3


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