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1. Data Management and Governance

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Awareness of definitions of key terms of data analysis such as: data engineering, data repository, data governance, machine learning, deep learning, accuracy, precision, recall, data privacy, model drift, auto-tagging, etc. knowledge 1
b Explain the important issues around data governance, including change management purpose and structure knowledge 2 Generalist 5e, Machine Learning 5d
c Understand data profiling; explain data summarization, sanity checks, and validation knowledge 2
d Differentiate common data typologies, including structured vs. unstructured, numeric vs. text, root vs. derived knowledge 3 Generalist 1b
e Explain the difference between a logical and physical data diagram knowledge 2
f Recognize and explain the importance of Key Performance Indicators and Metrics and how to describe and communicate data for KPIs knowledge 2
g Recognize the basic data governance issues across the data analytics lifecycle phases knowledge 3