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8. Software Tools and Environment

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Describe the issues that are important in selecting a set of tools for the development of a particular software system, including tools for requirements tracking, design modeling, implementation, build automation, and version control. knowledge 2
b Construct, execute and debug programs using a modern IDE and associated tools such as unit testing tools and visual debuggers. skill 4
c Describe how version control can be used to help manage software release management. knowledge 3
d Ability to use Github or similar version control systems. ability 2
e Ability to use Jira or other similar issue tracking tools. ability 2
f Ability to use npm, maven or similar package management tool. ability 2
g Ability to use a source code control tool to manage configuration items in a small team-based project. ability 3
h Explain the use of CircleCI, Jenkins or similar software integration tool. knowledge 2
i Describe the benefits of integrating static and dynamic test tools (SonarQube, Fortify, etc.) into the software development environment. knowledge 2
j Demonstrate the capability to use software tools in support of the development of a software product of small size. ability 3
k Explain the benefits of and appropriate uses cases for the usage of containers. knowledge 2
l Explain the benefits of and appropriate use cases for emulators knowledge 2


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