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10. Secure Coding Principles

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Identify common coding errors that lead to insecure programs (e.g., buffer overflows, memory leaks, malicious code) and apply strategies for avoiding such errors. skill 3 Cybersecurity 11d
b Knowledge of principles of cybersecurity. knowledge 2
c Understanding of secure coding principles. knowledge 3
d Apply the principles of least privilege and fail-safe defaults. ability 3 Cybersecurity 11e
e Ability to determine what information can and more importantly can not be logged. knowledge 2
f Write code with logging capabilities. skill 2 Cybersecurity 11f
g Awareness of Defensive programming. knowledge 1
h Knowledge of basics on securing web apps - SQL Injection and other input validation. knowledge 3 Cybersecurity 11i


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