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5. Data Ethics

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Identify how global legal, policy and/or ethical constraints might impact data analyses knowledge 2
b Identify the established ethical and legal issues in data management facing organizations knowledge 2
c Explain how ethical, compliance, and legal issues should/must be considered in data driven decision making knowledge 1
d Explain the important issues around data governance knowledge 2
e Present real world examples of data bias and the unintended consequences of using analytics, machine learning, and AI in making decisions knowledge 2
f Discuss the importance of provenance, transparency, and explainability in data analysis and the ability to build trust knowledge 2
g Explain the importance of personal privacy issues related to the collection and usage of data knowledge 2
h Demonstrate an understanding of the way your machine learning algorithms are vulnerable and can be manipulated knowledge 2
i Explain the limitations and potential unintended effects of machine learning when such algorithms encounter new scenarios knowledge 2
j Understand potential societal impacts of using machine learning knowledge 2
k Explain individual and data bias and the implications each has in data analysis knowledge 3