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1. Database, Networking, Distributed System Fundamentals

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Ability to normalize a database through 3rd normal form. ability 3 Data Management
b Knowledge of NoSQL databases. knowledge 3
c Ability to perform database schema design. ability 3
d Apply SQL data manipulation language such as Select (From), Insert, Update, Delete, JOIN (inner, outer, full, left, right), Where, Group By, Order By, etc. ability 3 Data Management
e Knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS, SSL. knowledge 3
f Describe Infrastructure as code. knowledge 2
g Demonstrate an understanding of cloud architecture and the capabilities of services such as AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle and Google. knowledge 2 All
h Ability to install and configure software. ability 3 All
i Knowledge of computer hardware. knowledge 2
j Ability to touch type. ability 2
k Identify and describe basic file types and demonstrate fundamental file management. skill 2 All
l Explain data security in terms of authentication, authorization, access and auditing. knowledge 3 All
m Understand the components that make a large-scale system  (e.g. SAN, load balancer). knowledge 3


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