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3. Data Governance and Ethics

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Explain data governance and its significance throughout the data life cycle. knowledge 3
b Describe change management and the role it plays in data governance. knowledge 2
c Describe regulatory frameworks such as HIPPA, GDPR and NIST. knowledge 2
d Demonstrate ability to apply regulatory framework appropriately. ability 3
e Identify the established legal, ethical and privacy issues in cybersecurity facing organizations. knowledge 2 Generalist 5b, Data Analytics 8b, Machine Learning 5b
f Explain the importance of personal privacy issues related to the collection and usage of data. knowledge 2 Generalist 5d, Data Analytics 8i, Machine Learning 5g
g Describe the importance of lineage and provenance throughout the data life cycle. knowledge 2
h Demonstrate an understanding of system of record (golden source) of master data vs transactional data. knowledge 2
i Perform data risk management (assessing vulnerabilities and threats and implementing appropriate responses) throughout the data life cycle ability 2
j Explain individual and data bias and the implications each has in data analysis. knowledge 3 Generalist 5f, Machine Learning 5k


Vendor Certifications - DBMS

  1. Oracle Associate
  2. Microsoft
  3. IBM

Vendor Certifications - Cloud

  1. AWS
  2. Oracle
  3. Microsoft

Vendor Certifications - Tools

  1. Tableau
  2. SAS


  2. DataCamp Certificate