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7. Risk Management

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Describe the concepts of Risk Management (e.g., Business continuity concepts, Business impact analysis, Identification of critical systems and components, Removing single points of failure). knowledge 2
b Describe the concepts of Risk assessment (e.g., Disaster recovery plan, IT contingency planning - Succession planning, Redundancy). knowledge 2
c Describe and plan Fault tolerance (e.g., Hardware, RAID, Clustering, Load balancing, Disaster recovery concepts, Backup plans/policies, Backup execution/frequency). skill 3
d Enforce concepts related to threat vectors and probability/threat likelihood. ability 2
e Identify concepts of risk calculation (Likelihood, ALE, Impact, SLE, ARO, MTTR, MTTF, MTBF). knowledge 2
f Understand Governance, risk management and Compliance Management processes (risk mitigation, govern compliance). knowledge 2
g Apply certification and accreditation. knowledge 4
h Apply audit and compliance. knowledge 5



  1. Security+
  2. Network+
  3. Cloud+
  4. CEH
  5. GSEC
  6. CAP


  1. CCNA
  2. CYSA+


  1. CASP
  2. CISSP
  3. CISA
  4. CISM
  5. CRISC
  6. CCSP