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1. Hardware

Label KSAC Description Bloom's Taxonomy Level Cross-Cutting
a Explain basic cable types, features and their purposes. knowledge 2
b Explain the common cable network physical topology configurations (star, bus, ring, mesh, hybrid). knowledge 2
c Explain the difference between a hub, repeater, switch, and router (wired and wireless). knowledge 2
d Classify cable connections to various networking devices (RJ45, BNC, T-Connectors). knowledge 2
e Compare and contrast Internet connection types, network types and their features (e.g. T-Lines, fiber cables, microwaves, cellular, satellite) Layers 1 & 2. knowledge 2
f Identify network interface cards (NIC) (ethernet and token passing). knowledge 1
g Define a MAC address (physical address) (OU ID and Host ID). knowledge 2
h Explain the difference between a MAC address and an IP address. knowledge 3
i Configure routing settings (IP address, subnet mask). knowledge 2
j Explain a SSID. knowledge 2
k Explain and configure the routing interface via a web browser. knowledge 2
l Compare managed and unmanaged switches. knowledge 2
m Discuss a VLAN configuration. knowledge 2
n Construct a physical computer. ability 3
o Discuss the difference between serial ports and parallel ports. knowledge 3
p Interpret which hardware devices are serial devices and which hardware devices are parallel devices. knowledge 2
q Categorize secondary storage devices (Hard drives, CDs, BlueRay). knowledge 2
r Compare Hypervisor I and Hypervisor II virtual software. knowledge 2
s Install a hypervisor II and guest OS. ability 3


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